Illustration of our family

About us

Claudio, Lenka and Oskar

We are a young couple: Lenka and Claudio from Aguapiedras. To be able to meet each other, we had to travel to a very distant place in Asia, where the adventure of our lives together started. Now, after years of dreaming, planning, preparing: we have finally started our tourist project Aguapiedras. During the construction process of the cabin, our son Oskar was born and he joined our lives and the project.

Since we met, we went to visit many places together and while traveling we realized that we both loved tourism and spending time in nature. That’s why since the beginnings of our relationship we dreamt about one day having our own accommodation project: close to an evergreen forest and a river with crystal water.

Love at first sight

When we first visited Pejerrey it was love at first sight, we knew our place was here. Very close to the pools in the river, where you can swim, and at the edge of the forest filled with native flora and fauna that we want to protect.

Every season in this paradise has its own beauty. In the spring the grass and the trees are covered with flowers of all colors. In the summer you get to swim in the Achibueno river. The autumn brings the harvest of wild berries and rosehip buds. And in the winter everything rests and you can relax listening to the rain falling on the roof while the wood stove is heating the cabin.

The project

In 2019, we decided it was the moment to take the first steps and we started the construction of the cabins. We chose a regional construction company, as one of our values is to promote the local economy, support the artisans from the area, and create communities with the locals. The road ahead was long but worth undergoing.

What we want to create isn’t only a place to lodge. We also want to create a place to have meaningful experiences, where everyone can relax, play, connect with nature. We want people to learn about the native flora and fauna and about how to protect them. And we want the people to see us working in the garden, make compost and vermicompost, see how we recycle and reuse different materials.

Greetings from Lenka, Claudio and Oskar from Aguapiedras!