Pejerrey is the place we decided to call home, settle down, and start our accommodation project: we constructed our cabins Aguapiedras here because of the beauty of the river and the forests surrounding our land.

Pejerrey is a small town in the mountains close to Linares, Maule Region, Central Chile. It is located 32 kilometers southeast of Linares on route L-45, it is one of the largest (yet very small) villages in the area. It’s a perfect place to stay and enjoy the Achibueno River, swim in one of the deepwater pools, observe the native flora and fauna and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside.

Salesianos Chapel in Pejerrey
Salesianos Chapel in Pejerrey

How to get there

In order to visit Pejerrey, you need to get to Linares and then take the route L-45 towards the mountains (precordillera). You will encounter the river from the kilometer 14 onwards. Keep on route L-45 until you get to Pejerrey (km 32).

Road conditions

The road to Pejerrey is paved until kilometer 20, then you have to continue on a dirt road. This road is generally in good condition and all types of vehicles can pass with caution. The rest of the path should be paved in the near future.

By bus

Throughout the year, there is little public transport to reach the area. However, there is one bus that goes from Linares to Los Hualles through Pejerrey: Monday to Friday from the Linares Bus Station at 16:40, platform number 16. 

To go From Pejerrey to Linares there is one bus that leaves from Los Hualles and goes through Pejerrey between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning, from the bus stop in the village, in front of the chapel.


Pejerrey has very basic services such as a rural school, rural health center, a small shop that is open all year and some other shops that are only open during the summer. There is also the Salesians Chapel and the cemetery.

Bring cash for the whole stay, as there is no ATM and no way to pay by card. There is not much cellphone coverage, and don’t expect to connect to the mobile internet, very few places will offer wifi or any internet connection.

Rural School in Pejerrey
Rural School in Pejerrey

What to do

Pejerrey is highly visited throughout the year, but especially in the summer months. The main attraction of the whole area is the Achibueno river, the cold and transparent deepwater pools (especially during the summer), recreational fishing (trout), kayaking or rafting among other activities. But you can also enjoy trekking, horse-back riding, or just staying in our nice cabins that are a little more isolated from the town, providing more tranquility and privacy, but still close enough to visit the town when necessary.

Rural Health Center in Pejerrey
Rural Health Center in Pejerrey

Protected area

Pejerrey is located in the Nature Sanctuary of River Achibueno. It is a protected area, therefore keep in mind not to intervene with the environment, not to leave trash, not to pollute the area in any way, not to destroy the flora and not to make bonfires, especially in the summer.

If you wish to lodge in Pejerrey, come get to know our cabins, we will be waiting for you.