Aguapiedras cabins have the privilege of having an abundance of native Chilean flora, it is covered in medicinal species and even some endangered species.

Aguapiedras is located in the Nature Sanctuary of River Achibueno, in Pejerrey. Included in the protected area is the river channel, its riverbed, and the floodplains, as well as the adjoining riverbanks and slopes. The entire sanctuary encompasses an area of almost 4,600 hectares and includes the entire watershed (including glaciers, lakes, etc.). This Sanctuary crosses three communes of the Maule Region: Colbún, Linares, and Longaví. The object of conservation of the Sanctuary is the Maulino Forest which is unique and of greater importance for conservation worldwide.

In the Nature Sanctuary there are species of flora and fauna native to the area and many endangered species and therefore require protection. The Chilean flora species mentioned in the decree are the Maulino Oak also called Hualo, and others of the Nothofagus genus; Belloto del SurLleuque, the herb Senecio linearensis, Guindo Santo and longleaf Mañío. It is important to mention that some of these species are exclusive to the Linares area.


Boldo is one of the most abundant trees in the land of Aguapiedras cabins in Pejerrey, and one of the best known medicinal trees in Chile.

Drimys Winteri, Winter’s bark, or Canelo

Canelo is originally from Chile and Argentina. In Chile, you can find the best examples on the Chiloé island, since it needs humidity for its good growth. It can grow up to 20-30 meters tall. 

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