Name Aguapiedras

In order to decide the name of our cabins, we wanted to choose one that really expressed the characteristics of the place, therefore we chose the most representative elements of the area to join them in this unique name: Aguapiedras.

Agua: Water

The Achibueno River is the only river in the Maule Region without human intervention, therefore it is the main attraction of tourism in this sector. The Achibueno river is born in the Achibueno Lake in the Andes mountains. Its waters are characteristic for its turquoise-green and blue colors. In several places, the river forms pools ideal for swimming. The river was one of the strongest reasons why we chose Pejerrey as our destination.

Achibueno river, name Aguapiedras means water and rocks
Water and rocks, the main characteristics of the area

Piedras: Rocks

The area of the Achibueno Nature Sanctuary is full of rocks and stones. The land is covered in stones: small pebbles, medium stones, and giant rocks. Dinosaur egg-shaped stones, rocks that must weigh tons, stones that obstruct roads. There is no doubt that the rocks are an unmistakable feature of the territory.

Land covered in rocks, name Aguapiedras means water and rocks
The land covered in rocks

We also had other name alternatives in mind, so we surveyed our family and friends who know us the best, and who also know the land and asked them for help choosing the right name. Without a doubt, the name Aguapiedras won with a great advantage. We believe that this name defines the place and its beauty very well.

In the future, we want to include these elements in other parts of the project. We want to highlight the rocks that are in our land for their beauty and usefulness. We are currently using the stones to protect our trees and the orchard from rabbits. The protections that we install have the stones buried so that the rabbits cannot dig and eat the trees or enter the garden. We will use the stones to mark the paths within the terrain and to mark the trees and their protective perimeter. The water will be present in the hot tubs and in the pool that we want to build.

As we want to offer the best and most comfortable lodging and accommodation in the Pejerrey, Achibueno, and Linares area. We built our Aguapiedras cabins thinking of the needs of groups of up to 6 people. Giving them ample space to spend their time together in the big living-dining area.