Nature Sanctuary of River Achibueno

River Achibueno Nature Sanctuary
River Achibueno Nature Sanctuary
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We have been coming to the area of the Achibueno River since 2014 and we were totally in love with the natural beauty of the river, the native forests, the flora, and fauna. So when the government decided to declare the area a nature sanctuary, we thought it was a great start to protect this area for future generations.

Decree 35 (2015) of the Ministry of the Environment

In September 2015, the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Chile declared the river banks of the Achibueno river as Nature Sanctuary of Cajón del Río Achibueno. The protected area includes the river channel, its riverbed, and the floodplains, as well as the adjoining riverbanks and slopes. The entire sanctuary encompasses an area of almost 4,600 hectares and includes the entire watershed (including glaciers, lakes, etc.).

Achibueno Sanctuary crosses three communes (geographical divisions in Chile, each commune has its own municipal government) in the Maule Region: Colbún, Linares, and Longaví. The object of conservation of the Sanctuary is the Maulino Forest that is unique and …

it is located at the transition point of the Valdivian Temperate Rain Forest and the Chilean Sclerophyllous Forest, considered to be two of the two hundred ecoregions of the greatest importance for conservation worldwide.”

Decree 35 (2015) of the Ministry of the Environment, published in the Official Journal on December 14, 2015

How to get there

In order to visit the Sanctuary, you need to get to Linares and then take the route L-45 towards the mountains (precordillera). You will encounter the river from the kilometer 14 onwards. The Sanctuary includes all the surrounding areas to the river.

Maulino Forest

Nature Sanctuary: Maulino Forest
Maulino Forest

This forest is a primary forest because there is little intervention and a low level of degradation.

Flora and Fauna

In the Nature Sanctuary there are species of flora and fauna native to the area and many endangered species and therefore require protection. The Chilean flora species mentioned in the decree are the Maulino Oak also called Hualo, and others of the Nothofagus genus; Belloto del Sur, Lleuque, the herb Senecio linearensis, Guindo Santo and longleaf Mañío. It is important to mention that some of these species are exclusive to the Linares area.

From the fauna, the Decree mentions the presence of pudú (an animal of the deer family, but one of the smallest in the family). It should be noted (although it is not mentioned in the Decree) that large flocks of tricahue parrots (Cyanoliseus patagonus bloxami), among other bird species, can be seen and heard in the area. The water of the Achibueno River has the characteristics of being very cold, as well as being highly oxygenated and without evidence of contamination.


The Sanctuary area is very touristy, especially in the summer, when locals and people from further away come to cool off in the waters of the river. The most frequent type of accommodation are rural cabins like Aguapiedras and the busiest places are Pejerrey, Monte Oscuro, Vega de Salas, among others.

Nature Sanctuary: River Achibueno
Nature Sanctuary River Achibueno

If you come and visit the Sanctuary, come and lodge in our comfortable, spacious Aguapiedras cabins in Pejerrey!